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The begining ​of a journey

This website is built on WordPress the most god-awful platform I could imagine. I thought I would use it because I heard many people use it like 20% of the internet but i didn’t realize probably as a static blogging platform it works well but anything complicated you might as well build an HTML, CSS, Javascript website with a MySQL database. or the LAMP stack.

I will say from the outset I hate WordPress with a passion it is the most nonintuitive platform I have ever seen.   I chose it because it had a database and used MSQL. WordPress is akin to Adobe products unnecessarily complicated. When Adobe bought Macromedia the destroyed all their products because they were better more intuitive and easy to use than Adobe products. Fireworks was just recently discontinued and it was the easiest program to use in their whole suit of tools. 

When I do a Google search for help like how to add a block, forget about it, Google searches are all just advertising for keywords. You are doomed you will never find the answer you want. The most common search was “how to add a block of content”, it’s ridiculous. Richard Saul Wurman the founder of TED explained the failure to teach through the disease of  familiarity is a major obstacle to learning and understanding. 

I still have next to no idea how to use Gutenberg blocks. I tried to build a simple taxonomy with a plugin and a tutorial from WPBeginner. Don’t you hate it when the tutorial has a complete different interface than the one on your computer, or the person teaching the tutorial skips a couple steps and you have no idea what they are doing.