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Scott Adams, Candace Owens and the last mile

Scott Adams is very good at laying out his argument he is very reasonable is practicing slow thinking rarely gets flustered but when he does goes off the handle. His thought process is canonical in that you won’t find many hypocrisy or conflicting thoughts. I like that i think its important. When he lays out an argument on one of his Periscope white boards. He starts out most of his periscope talks with persuasion and hypnotic technique such as taking a sip of a cup of coffee mmmm that’s good. Its really pre-suasion as termed by Robert Cialdini
Drinking coffee supposedly makes us more open minded,
The past doesn’t exist Mike Cernovich mindset. Something big is happening people are breaking out of their prisons. History repeats is a mental prison Trump is not in a mental prison history doesn’t repeat. Norman Vincent Peal The Power of Positive Thinking. The Problem is the solution is a mental prison. The last mile fog. Kanye altered reality by Candace Owens being in the same conversation and freed a lot of people from a mental prison that brings us to a golden age. iran is next

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