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The Kavanaugh hearings

What we need to know to understand the situation and how it will inform the future and past. Who is Brett Kavanaugh? Who was Brett Kavanaugh and what is relevant about his past to be a Supreme Court justice. 

The hearings of Brett Kavanaugh have exposed America to its own hypocrisy. Will we confront this hypocrisy or continue on in our pretense. The players of this hearing go back to President Clinton and his impeachment because this is where Kavanaugh starts to make his name as a jurist.  . Two page memo

Pros for Kavanaugh

Pros for Kavanaugh

  • No Corroberation
  • Incomplete evidence
  • Due Process
  •  professors profess.
  • Ben Shapiro the Senate acted with great aplomb.
  • unfairly accused ruined his family and name.


  • Eye witness testimony 

  • Mark Geragos called Kavanaugh butt boy during Clinton investigation 

There are those who want things to go back to normal, but normal is a dishonest reality that holds the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in a vaunted place that it should have never been. SCOTUS is a group of people that have been chosen to represent the interpretation of the constitution for the good of the people. Jurist like Scalia and Thomas interpreted the constitution as a representation of their own limited views and then call it textualism or originalism, but really it should just be called fundamentalism. This fundamentalism is a human condition that is bankrupt and is used as a cudgel to beat the people into submission. The founders were aware of all these pitfalls and predicted these problems.

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