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Sam Harris the false dichotomy
Sam Harris accepts IQ as a measure of intelligence its just empirical data. looking at population data.Question is SH IQ lower that Van Neuman
Charles Murray works at American Enterprise Inst.To dismantle the welfare state We are just talking about facts, Why seek data on achievement. His intellectual dishonesty is similar to Anthony Scalia.
Social policies derived from the data
Sam Harris’s argument is we have to talk about the raw facts and the data. His argument is we are just talking about facts and numbers and they are just like trees and hurricanes and we need to talk about these things. He has the example of neanderthal and how black people are the only people who aren’t neanderthal, but he assumes what black is which is racist in nature. There are people in India who have darker skin and there are people in Africa that are as light skinned as french people. Does skin color confirm neanderthal, I doubt it. I guarantee there are dark skin people in India that have neanderthal. Ezra Klein made the most important point at the end which is SH acts like he has no bias and is just rational which = logical and everyone else has bias. SH may not be a racist but he espouses racist views and that is a new category. What he does is take a logical point of view and thinks it is rational. SH says he supports Charles Murrays ability to state his point of view but then denies his support for his conclusions and then denies he even know anything about CM work at the AEI. He is truly insincere verging on dishonest.
Alfred Binet and the intent of the IQ test vs Lewis Terman and his Stanford-Binet test
Sam Harris says socialism doesn’t work. What about Israel and the Military
SH makes claim of identity politics and denies his own identity politics
Coming Apart, The Bell Curve, Human Achievement–> quantifies racial human achievement.

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