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Epistemology Plato
Some one tells you something, my name is Mark. Your mom confirm knowledge by touch and myriad of undefinable expressions and communications. We know or we think we know in context of a social context and conformity.

episteme vs doxa scientific ordered

common sense

heuristics rule of thumb trial and error,algorithmic, lateral thinking

Knowledge is a conceptual map it is not the terrain.
gnosis knowledge from experience

psychology is informed by the somatic

How the brain knows predictive brain


awareness only with dissolution of ego separateness

everything that feels like a self – thoughts, feelings, and experiences – is devoid of awareness. Now that’s almost impossible for the mind to comprehend because thinking posits itself as the locus of awareness in the self, and the self is laden with attributes – it’s really nothing but attributes!

direct experience foundation of knowing with the balancing view being eye witness testimony is unreliable

ontology reality exist or reality exist in a perspective point of view

  • Knowledge pyramid : wisdom knowledge information data        the 6th paramita is wisdom
  • generosity
  • morality
  • renunciation
  • wisdom
  • energy (prana
  • patience
  • truthfulness
  • determination
  • loving kindness
  • equanimity

descriptive language

Flynn (2007) himself points out, the only thing changing is the ability to think hypothetically.* Thus we have conflated abstract thinking with intelligence. But those with high IQ are not necessarily “life smart.” In fact they are often “life dumb,” showing an inability to be empathic, socially skilled or wise.

Ayn Rand objectivism Why does man need morality? Adam Smith wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiments which is the foundation of capitalism, our moral ideas and actions are a product of our very nature as social creatures. ayn : Man has,” she observes, “no automatic code of survival. . . . His senses do not tell him automatically what is good for him or evil, what will benefit his life or endanger it. Morality, says Smith, is not something we have to calculate. It is natural, built into us as social beings. When we see people happy or sad, we feel happy or sad too.
These quotes and ideas show that Ayn Rand knew nothing about capitalism, her thoughts were antithetical to democracy. Her website has GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!. what does that mean in context how would a community defend itself with everyone fighting for self interests. she really was out do destroy civilization a we know it, she was almost an anarchist.
possibility probability

TCP/IP redundancy as certainty of information

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